Problems running apps from Samba 2.0.0 share on NT 4.0

Firebeard stend+samba at
Fri Jan 29 03:37:34 GMT 1999

>>>>> Duncan Kinnear writes:

>> Ever since I upgraded from Samba 1.9.18 to 2.0.0, I've been having
>> problems with applications started from a Samba share dying
>> silently, or with an Illegal Instruction message, on NT 4.0
>> Workstation.

DK> Sten,

DK> I think you are experiencing the same problem I had when I
DK> upgraded to 2.0.0 beta 5.

DK> It seems that the smbd daemons are actually dying, which can
DK> produce anything from "Network Read" errors to full GPFs.

DK> The way to check if your smbd processes are the culprit is to set
DK> up a cron job which appends the output of smbstatus to a file
DK> every 10 minutes.  Then when someone complains about errors, check
DK> that the 'pid' for that user didn't change.

	I've just did that (although I was checking every 60 seconds),
and I saw that smbd did change pids each time I had the error.  

DK> I couldn't find anything obvious in the log, and a message to
DK> samba-bugs has got no reply yet.  Lack of time has meant that I
DK> have slipped back to the 1.9.* version we were using before.

	Well, what I noticed was pretty subtle - the log file for that
connection hit max log size and was rotated to .old.  The first thing
in the new log file?  The new connection!  It's looking like the very
act of rotating the log file is killing smbd!  I kicked the max log
size up to 500, and, sure enough, the new log file started a new smbd
process.  Naturally, since the new smbd process doesn't inherit the
locks, the NT applications which thought they had locked files go
haywire.  Help!  If one of the developers would like my logs of
smbstatus and /proc/meminfo, along with the samba logs of the period,
please let me know.

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