Problems copying many files

jandeep kang jandeep at
Fri Jan 29 00:04:20 GMT 1999

i have found the reason for the 1014 limit. it is the default OS limit
of 1K files open by any process. under solaris 2.5 and above you can use
'ulimit -n' to get the current limit value and use 'ulimit -n
needed_value' to set the new limit. alternatively you can add the
following lines to your /etc.system file
set rlim_fd_cur = needed_current_limit
set rlim_fd_max = needed_max_limit

if you put the above in /etc/system then the users will have a default
of 'needed_current_limit' open files and could set their own limit upto
'needed_max_limit' value. a superuser can go even beyond the maximum
limit without setting it.
after we set this thing right, it works fine now.
thanks, Jandeep
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