Read-only problem.

Sanborn, Ed esanborn at
Thu Jan 28 20:30:16 GMT 1999

Frequently people are reporting read-only and permissions problems
writing to Samba served network-mapped drives.

I look and can see that the "read-only" attribute is set when looking
at the file or files with Windows NT Explorer.

Usually logging off from NT and logging back on clears the problem.
That doesn't go over so well with the troops as a solution.  Has anyone
run into this before?  Any fixes out there?

One other clue is that if I look in the /usr/local/samba/var/log.* files
I can see that occasionally people are accessing their shares as user
"nobody" instead of their normal userid.  I'm thinking this may
coincide but I do not know how to reproduce on demand so I'm stumped.



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