network neighborhood doesn't work

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Thu Jan 28 19:43:22 GMT 1999

When the world was young, Keith carved some runes like this:

> I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what makes a server,
> like Linux running Samba, show up in the Network Neighborhood from Windows
> 95.

Browsing is a function of nmbd (not smbd).  How are you running 
(ie, browsemaster, domain logins, WINS, etc)?  Have you been 
through all the steps in diagnosis.txt?  Play around with the Net 
commands (at a DOS prompt) and the smbclient/nmblookup commands on 
the linux box.  Who is the master browser on your LAN?  Is the 
workgroup name specified correctly on all hosts?  Are any of the 
windoze boxes running NetBlooie or IPX?

Once we excised one of the coax segments on our LAN (replaced with 
a hub and UTP cable) all our browsing problems cleared up.  My 
linux box has always been browsable in NetHood (but I haven't tried 
2.0 yet).  I think browsing should be more reliable if you make 
samba at least the local browse master.  I assume you've read the 
other docs (browsing.txt, browsing-config.txt, etc, etc).  You can 
learn a lot from playing around with smbclient, etc (at least more 
than you'll ever get from M$ tools...).

Have fun, Steve

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