Problems copying many files

Joerg Lenneis lenneis at
Thu Jan 28 18:44:48 GMT 1999

dwpalmer :

> I'm encountering problems copying files from a Windows NT workstation
> to a Linux system.  Not all of the files are being copied.

> A week ago I submitted a bug report.  The only response was an
> automated reply acknowledging that the message was received.  I'm
> assuming that they are very busy and have not had time to go through
> all of the incoming e-mail.

> Maybe someone here could help, or at least replicate the problem.  I
> have a small LAN of Windows NT workstations 4.0 SP3 on a 100MB/s
> Ethernet using Ethernet Express Pro 100's.  I have one Debian
> GNU/Linux 2.0R3 server with Samba 2.0 freshly compiled and installed.
> This is on a Pentium Pro with 15MB RAM and 127MB of swap space (was
> having problems with BIOS config).

> I have 9,600 files, each 40K in size, on one of the NT workstations.
> Doing a "cp -a /mnt ." from Linux using smbfs results in only 4,599 of
> the files copied.  Using smbtar results in the same problem.  The file
> names are in the form "aaaaNNNN.aaaaa", where NNNN is a number from 0
> to 9599.

> Due to problems booting from the hard drive, I have reformatted and
> repartitioned the drive.  I'll try this test again once I have Samba
> 2.0 compiled and installed.  The only real difference should be the
> amount of available RAM.

Maybe I am missing something here, but couldn't that be more of a
smbfs problem than samba?


Joerg Lenneis

email: lenneis at

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