Is Samba fully functional on HP-UX?

Langas, Michael E michael.e.langas at
Thu Jan 28 17:13:48 GMT 1999

We are using about 10 samba servers in my organization.  Half of them are on
Solaris workstations, while the other half are on HP workstations.  

I have become more knowledgeable about samba's capabilities over the last 6
(Many thanks to this list:-)  ).  I am now to the point where I'm trying to
get printers and browsing working on our samba servers.  I have identical
configuration files for the Solaris and HP servers, but browsing and
printing only work on the Solaris machines.

I am using version 1.9.18p10.  Nothing abnormal appeared when I compiled
I have configured my printers to allow guest connections.  This only works
on the Solaris servers.  The printers defined on the HP servers only work
for non-guest users.

As I said previously, my configuration files are identical with the
exception of machine specific information such as the net bios names.

I would like to clear these issues up before I switch to version 2.0.0.
That is unless upgrading will fix this problem.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Mike Langas

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