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Fakhri Moatemri Fakhri.Moatemri at bvmt.com.tn
Thu Jan 28 09:17:50 GMT 1999

Great and Free software Package to work on and remotely control and
administer PCs running Windows Platforms...
In fact I was busy rebooting my machine every time I need to work on
Windows Paltforms
or going to my users to look what's wrong on their machines....
As I had my HP P120 Machine available, I put NT on it with the
applications I need....I put VNC server and now I no more need to reboot

my machine, I've just to lauch VNC client application
from my linux box to find myself just like sitting in front of my old
machine running Windows NT

 free download: http://www.orl.co.uk/vnc/download.htm

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