network neighborhood doesn't work

Keith nfn11988 at
Thu Jan 28 01:45:32 GMT 1999

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what makes a server,
like Linux running Samba, show up in the Network Neighborhood from
Windows 95. I just upgraded my Samba server to 2.0 and everything works
great. SWAT rules!!!! Anyways my linux server never shows up in the
Network Neighborhood, it never has. That is some what of a lie it showed
up once in the Network Neighborhood but than I had to change something
in the configuration and it went away. If I do a find server it shows up
and I can then map my drives and everything works great. I don't mind
that it doesn't show up. In fact I think it is kind of added security
having people not be able to see the server. But I would love to know
what makes this not work. I have asked this question before, maybe no
one knows.


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