Share modes problems (PR#13121)

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Wed Jan 27 18:48:10 GMT 1999

sean.murphy at Teltec.DCU.IE wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm having a problem with share modes (at least I think it's share
> modes) on my samba server. The problems only seem to have
> manifested themselves since I updated to samba 2.0.0. This has
> coincided with an upgrade to our system, so it is conceivable that
> the problem may be with that, but I think it more likely that it is to
> do with samba (since errors are reported in the log files).
> Here's some more errors that have arisen in his logfile.
> [1999/01/27 16:54:40, 0] locking/locking_shm.c:shm_get_share_modes(168)
>   get_share_modes: malloc fail!
> [1999/01/27 16:54:40, 0] locking/locking_shm.c:shm_get_share_modes(212)
>   get_share_modes: process 6629 no longer exists
> [1999/01/27 16:54:40, 0] locking/locking_shm.c:shm_get_share_modes(240)
>   get_share_modes: file with dev 800047 inode 464780 empty

This message is the critical one :

"get_share_modes: malloc fail!"

You need to increase the swap space on the machine.
Samba doesn't respond very well to malloc failures
(other than being polite and telling you about it
before it screws up :-).

To tell the truth it's very difficult to recover
sensibly from such a failure so deep in the code.
Better to log the fact so the virtual memory can
be increased.

Hope this helps,

	Jeremy Allisonm
	Samba Team.

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a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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