Share modes problems

Sean Murphy sean.murphy at Teltec.DCU.IE
Wed Jan 27 17:22:43 GMT 1999

Hi all,

I'm having a problem with share modes (at least I think it's share 
modes) on my samba server. The problems only seem to have 
manifested themselves since I updated to samba 2.0.0. This has 
coincided with an upgrade to our system, so it is conceivable that 
the problem may be with that, but I think it more likely that it is to 
do with samba (since errors are reported in the log files).

One of the guys who uses the system has noticed that he's unable 
to save word/ppt docs from time to time. This happens when he's 
working on word/ppt docs on a share. When he tries to save the 
doc, ater some time windows reports something to the effect that 
the disk is full and or that there are too many files open. The 
problem is not reproducable, but only happens from time to time 
(say every few hours).

I've had a look at the samba logs for his pc and this is what 
happens at the time that he has the error.

[1999/01/27 16:32:07, 0] 
  PANIC ERROR:set_share_mode num_share_mode_entries=-12
[1999/01/27 16:32:07, 2] 
  del_share_modes Deleting share mode entry dev=800047 
[1999/01/27 16:32:07, 0] 
  PANIC ERROR:del_share_mode num_share_mode_entries=-13

Here's some more errors that have arisen in his logfile.

[1999/01/27 16:54:40, 0] locking/locking_shm.c:shm_get_share_modes(168)
  get_share_modes: malloc fail!
[1999/01/27 16:54:40, 0] locking/locking_shm.c:shm_get_share_modes(212)
  get_share_modes: process 6629 no longer exists
[1999/01/27 16:54:40, 0] locking/locking_shm.c:shm_get_share_modes(240)
  get_share_modes: file with dev 800047 inode 464780 empty

I don't know much about share modes, but I'd guess that the 
system puts a lock on the doc when he starts to edit it. Then when 
he saves it, samba attempts to remove the lock, but it may already 
have been removed, and, consequently, the number of share mode 
entries becomes more and more negative.

The server is operating in user level security mode. The share that 
he's working on is a shared resource. The share can be accessed 
by a number of users. The share has "force user" and "force group" 
enabled, so all the users can view/edit each others documents.

System - samba 2.0.0, solaris 2.6, compiled using egcs 1.1.

I was wondering has anybody else observed such behaviour.


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