SAMBA digest 1958

Andrew Williamson andrew.williamson at
Wed Jan 27 10:11:53 GMT 1999

> Hi,
>  we have installed samba 2.0.0 under solaris. when we try to copy a
> large
> directory around 160MB to a folder on samba it stops in the middle
> with a
> message like "session cancelled". what is this? did anybody experience
> the
> same behaviour. i assume some setting is wrong in the smb.conf or is
> it
> something else??
> thanks.
I a similar problem once - it actually turned out to be a fault in the
network cabling of UTP. Only 3 wires out of 4 were connected and it
worked for small files, but anything large killed it which was very
strange. I would have thought it would either work or not at all.

It could also be the bus mastering on a 3com 3c590 card if you have one.
Check ms support article Q139731 if you use the above network card at


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