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Peter Polkinghorne Peter.Polkinghorne at
Wed Jan 27 08:57:37 GMT 1999

> In a posting to the Samba list on Jan 13 you stated "Also because of the
> way shared memory works on Solaris I have to reboot to make the change
> take effect!" 
> Not sure why you have to reboot Solaris. I'm getting ready to do the
> same thing you just did, increase the shared mem maximum for Samba. When
> you changed Samba did you also change /etc/system? I'm curious as to why
> you needed to do a reboot as opposed to restarting Samba.
> Bob Schell

The problem I faced was that the shared memory segment has a fixed key & did 
not go away.  I am unsure if this was because I failed to stop all daemons - 
but I am pretty sure I did.  The the other key thing I did not know about was 
ipcsrm(1) which allows for the removal of shared memory segments - provided 
they have been detached.  I did not change /etc/system.

So yes you are correct, a reboot should not be necessary.[Copying to the list 
to make sure all know about this - YMMV on other Unix versions]

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