Samba 2.0 and MS Access DB

Sbragion Denis sbragion.denis at
Wed Jan 27 08:31:16 GMT 1999


At 13.03 27/01/99 +1100, Gabriel Velasquez wrote:
>I installed samba on an Intel based Server running Red Hat 5.2.  I can
>access files on the shares I created but I run into a problem accessing
>a database program written in MS Access.  It seems that only one person
>at a time can open the database.  I get an error of "File is already in
>use" .

Access database are eclusively locked by default. There's an option
somewhere under Access that lets you open it shared. This has obviously
nothing to do with Samba.

>What are the optimal settings for accessing MS Access in a multi-user

Oplocks are a must. They can speed up speed by a factor of 10 even under
multi-user applications. Anyaway it's not a good idea to use Access
databases for more than few users. There are reliability issue in this
situation. Also this has nothing to do with Samba.


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