DEC Unix Problems

Randy Cone cone at
Tue Jan 26 20:10:10 GMT 1999


We've been using samba-1.9.16p9 here for a long time, with a tremendous
record of success.  I've recently compiled and installed 2.0.0, but am
having problems.  Only about half my users can login now, and who's
singled out is *seemingly* random.  This is on a DEC Unix 3.2 (osf/1)
machine.  Threw the old binaries back on, and everyone's happy again. 
What can I do to get current?

If anyone can help, I'll be glad to send them the smb.conf or whatever's
needed.  BTW, I've read the FAQ and purchased and read Blair's book, but
can't seem to find the solution.


Randy Cone
Unix Systems Administrator
Information and Electronic Services, Horn Point Laboratory
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Cambridge, MD 21613
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