solaris 2.6 printing

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Tue Jan 26 16:43:59 GMT 1999

Gene L Reynolds wrote:
> I changed my print command =  print command = /usr/bin/echo "printed %s on %p" >>
> /tmp/whatsup and here is my
> log messages. I find it interesting that the %p variable gave /tmp instead
> of the printer name.

	Indeed: my notes say:
    %s - the name of the file to be printed, a a full path (e.g.,
    %f - the name of the file, but without the path (e.g., fred )
    %p - the name of the Unix printer to use, and
    %j - the number of the print job, for the lprm, lppause and lpresume
    %P - current share's root directory (actual)
    %p - current share's root directory (in an nis homedir map)
    %p - print file name (printing only)

Gene then tried using %P
> is up here is the latest . sasabo is the printer i have configured on my
> NT machine. nobody is the guest account user.
> again thanks for the help I hate to keep bothereing you...
> Running the command `/usr/bin/echo "printed GYR.0OMicP on sasabo" >>
> /tmp/whatsup' gave -1

	The %p/%P behavior is WIERD!  anyone on the list recognize it???

	The first thing to test is create a file in /tmp, su to nobody
	and see if you can print (I can on 2.7)
	Your process should be able to write to /tmp, print and delete
	its own files. ..

	The echo command should have run and returned 0.
	I just repeated the tests on 2.6, and they all work ok here...

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