Windows 98® and Linux/Samba

Richard Ibbotson r.ibbotson at
Tue Jan 26 10:58:13 GMT 1999

          I should explain that although I'm a home user I have 
worked in tech support for an Internet Service Provider here in 

 Over the past few weeks I have had an e-mail discussion over the 
internet with various groups of people who are to do with Linux and 
Samba.  One of the more confusing issues is that "does win 98 need a
encrypted password for use with Samba".  We are all a bit confused 
about the use of Samba with Windows 98® .

 Yesterday I had an e-mail chat to the System Engineer in the central 
IT department at the Victoria University of Wellington in New 
Zealand.  He says that all his win 98 machines won't communicate with 
the rest of the network through Samba.

	I've got Samba 2.0 next to me on my Linux box.  I can't find any 
docs about using it with win 98.

 Does anyone know of any way out of this ?

Kind regards.
Sheffield UK

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