samba2.0.0 "The remote procedure call failed"

Steve Hsieh steveh at
Mon Jan 25 19:41:24 GMT 1999

Dear Samba list,

I'm having a problem with browsing samba 2.0.0 from an NT Workstation
(4.00.1381). When you try to browse the samba server, it returns with the
error "\\machine\is not accessible. The remote procedure call failed."
On the other hand, browsing works from a win95 and win98 machines.
Printing and mounting shares work fine though if you explicitly specify
the share.

Any ideas or suggestions?  On all machines involved (including the samba
server), they all use the same Windows NT WINS server.  The samba server
is set for security=user.

If there is other info that I can provide which would be helpful, let me

Thanks for any help.

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