ICMP Error

Bob Kruger bkruger at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 25 18:52:06 GMT 1999

I just installed pre 9 of kernel 2.2.0.  I am now getting echoed to the
screen of whatever virtual terminal I am in the following message: sent an invalid ICMP error to a broadcast

This is repeated for a number of IP addresses.

Obviously, the problem is two fold.  Firstly I need to find out what the
problem is with the servers.  However, I find it somewhat annoying to
having this pop up on the screen when I am in the middle of doing something.

I also noticed that if I stop Samba (v2.0.0), the message goes away.

The messages also go away if I go back to kernel 2.0.36.

Anyone have any hints on how I can suppress or reroute the message and
still run Samba v2.0.0 and kernel 2.2.0 pre9?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Regards - Bob Kruger  

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