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> What you are looking for is smbwrapper, which is in fact included with 
> 2.0.  However as it is not supported on all systems it is not included 
> in the default build (it should work nicely on Solaris though).

> Essentially smbwrapper is a preloaded library which intercepts system 
calls and
> simulates a /smb filesystem, so you can access /smb/SERVER/SHARE/file.txt.

> If you are interested in trying this out you need to "make smbwrapper".

>    Matt

>This sounds very interesting, but where can I find information how to use 
>this smbwrapper library?

>( A grep of 'wrap' in all samba-source and -doc files didn't succeed)


Thanks much people for all the responses about smbsh and smbwrapper.

It was not in the compiled binaries as I first downloaded but I found it in
the source
version. I tried compiling SAMBA v2.0.0 with an older rev of gcc (2.6) and
had a ton
of problems. I do have SparcCompiler cc and it compiled flawlessly for
Solaris 2.6
on a Sparc20. I also compiled and installed the smwrapper and read the doc
on it.
Now the bad news....What do I do with it? My original question was that I
need to
mount an NT server/workstation drive from my Sparcstation and that smbsh was
I needed. Can anyone give me a semi-detailed procedure? 
It just isn't intuitive to me...Granted, I'm dumb as a bag of hammers at
times, but
I just don't see it.  What do I put in my "fstab" file? Do I need to start
on the NT side?...Etc.


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