Status on Poweredge Dell with Raid

Benjamin Suto ben at
Mon Jan 25 12:39:11 GMT 1999

I know this is off-topic to the list, but someone asked me to make the
information that I garnered about Dell Poweredge systems available to
the list.

So, here it is. 

Basically, after a search on dejanews, I came across this article:

In it, someone states that there are drivers for the PERC RAID
controllers, but there are no drivers available for the PERC/2 Single
channel PCI system (the faster 80 MB/sec one).  So, basically, if you
buy a Poweredge server for Linux, you need to buy the PERC controllers
with it, and not PERC/2.

Debian Boot Disks for Debian 2.0 Installation:

Red Hat 5.2 has the drivers built in.  However, there is a caveat:  For
Red Hat installation, you need to specify, in the module options,
aic7xxx=no_probe.  You cannot select Autoprobe.  Otherwise the system
will hang, since it probes in the PCI space of other adapter cards.  I
got this information from the following dejanews post:

Thanks for all of your help.  Hopefully, life will be a little bit
easier for someone else looking for this information.

I will be making a (simplistic) web page with just the information above
available at if anyone
is interested.


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