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Andy Worthington christopherandrew at
Fri Jan 22 22:18:51 GMT 1999

I just recently downloaded Samba 2.0 and installed it.  It seems to be running and working for the most part but I am having problems with passwords.  First problem I had was I tried to use swat and I put in root and my root password and it denied the authorization.  I then tried to connect with smbclient and it will not take any of my usernames/password pairs.  It will only work with the guest account.  I looked at the smbpasswd file and it was empty.  I have tried changing/adding usernames/passwords to it with addtosmbpass and smbpasswd with no luck and I still can't access any of the shares with my usernames/passwords.  I also tried from win95 and failed there too.  Any suggestions?  I am using Redhat 5.1 linux.

Andy Worthington
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