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Fri Jan 22 21:15:15 GMT 1999

>  I'm new to SAMBA but have been monitoring the digest for a few months now.
> I briefly install vers. 1.9.17 about a year ago to see what it offered. I
> was impressed but
> it did not offer a mount from my pc (NT4.0) to my Sun (Solaris2.6). smbmount
> is what I
> needed but was only available for LINUX. I've installed vers. 2.0 with the
> understanding that
> smbmount was replaced by smbsh  and would be available for more UNIX
> flavors.
> I scoured the ftp and web sites and found no reference to smbsh. Have I
> misunderstood the
> release information? Any info would be appreciated.

What you are looking for is smbwrapper, which is in fact included with Samba
2.0.  However as it is not supported on all systems it is not included in the
default build (it should work nicely on Solaris though).

Essentially smbwrapper is a preloaded library which intercepts system calls and
simulates a /smb filesystem, so you can access /smb/SERVER/SHARE/file.txt.

If you are interested in trying this out you need to "make smbwrapper".


Matt Chapman
m.chapman at

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