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Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at ensco.com
Fri Jan 22 19:27:59 GMT 1999

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> Subject: Re: [WIN NT] uppercase
> On Thu, 21 Jan 1999, Tajthy Tamas wrote:
> > I have a problem. If I create a file under UNIX (samba 1.18.xx) with capital 
> > letters in its name and look at this file under NT the name become small 
> > letters. Not under Win95.
>   This is a "feature" of the IE4 shell.  If you don't like it, talk to
> Microsoft.  :-)

Somewhere in the samba docs (I forget where) is a discussion of the 
case-handling in windoze.  AFAIK, none of them are case-sensitive 
(while unix/linux/etc are).  The pain-in-the-ass part comes because 
win9x/NT are "case-remembering" (a silly behavior IMHO), ie, if you 
create a file under win95 called "XXX-lower.ext" it will be 
displayed that way in explorer, but to the file system it's really 
all the same case.  I've also noticed that sometimes windoze will 
upper-case the first letter and sometimes not.  Just another 
example of what total pieces of crap M$ products really are...

If you use the recommended (default) settings for case handling in 
smb.conf, at least windoze exploder should display the case of unix 
files correctly.

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