Backup of NT to Unix Tar

Tony Jones tony at
Fri Jan 22 17:57:06 GMT 1999

>We have a Linux PC witha 25Gb tape on it to which we backup 2 NT servers
>and a collection of unix servers.
I assume you are using smbtar to back up each NT's C: while NT is booted off 
that drive, any problem there.

>It works a treat and once you get used to the slightly different/odd
>file name* structure recovery is not a hassle to recover (had to do 4
>recoverys in last few months.
Have you actually done a full recovery: reformat the disk, recover the boot
info (from the recovery floppy) and then restore all of C: from the Linux 
Tape ? 

>* the file name goes from \abc\def\aghj.txt to ./abc/def/aghj.txt but
>you have to double check cases - we produce a log file which we keep and
>I can scan than before trying to recover.
I know Unix is totally case sensitive and NT's sensitivity varies. Does this 
cause operational (restore) problems ?  
To reiterate, I'm not that interested in backing up/restoring user data, I'm 
talking about reliably backing up and restoring the whole system (inc. \WINNT).

Do you use Amanda (someone else said it suported SMBTAR and that there
was a patch for > 1024 length path names).

Any comments from any other users ?


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