SAMB HOWTO from scratch

Fri Jan 22 17:25:13 GMT 1999

Y2K wrote:
> Hi
> I have just joined this list and new to samba.  I have linux ,NT and 95 m/c on network
> and I want to configure samba on my linux m/c so that I can see its files from my 95 or
> NT m/c.

You can perfectly manage this using SAMBA.

> Can I get the full information on this from net or from any one on the list.

First pick the sources or a binary distribution from the net
( Please have in mind, that there are serveral
os-platforms linux runs on and furthermore there exist several linux
distibutions. Thus, there are different ways of
installation/configuration to do.

I would recommend to read the coming with your distribution.
Try to do the first steps by your own and - if you´ve stuck into a
problem - ask advice from the gurus on this list again. we will help

hope this helps for the first.

best regards

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