Connecting from W95 to Samba Share

Luigi Bai lpb at
Fri Jan 22 16:45:36 GMT 1999

Hello group;

This is a question that has been posted before, but I haven't found an
answer in the archives or in the FAQ/docs. I've been thru the DIAGNOSIS.txt,
and get stuck on net view \\machname from a W95 OSR2 box (error 53 ...).

Setup: Solaris machine running Samba 2.0.0. I can use smbclient to connect
to it from various HP, AIX, Solaris, and Linux boxes, and NT 4.0 clients
work just fine (browse and connect). It's just this one W95 box which is
having trouble connecting; there isn't even a log.pc95name file to look at.
This is not surprising since the pc decides it doesn't even know how to talk
to the Solaris machine.

WINS is working fine; the W95 machine can browse and see the Samba server.
Ping works fine. Security is set to "domain" and the w95 box is logged into
the domain.

I didn't want to post a big smb.conf file to the list, but will do so if
asked. Anything jump right to mind?

Luigi Bai
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