NT4 cannot login

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at ensco.com
Fri Jan 22 00:28:36 GMT 1999

When the world was young, Veres Ferenc carved some runes like this:

> I have win98 and NT clients for our Sambe server (running on Linux,
> not the 2.0 smb version but the older). The win98 works fine since I
> have added EnablePlainTextPassword to the registry information.
> WinNT still cannot log in, it says "incorrect name or password" (after
> applying that registry change!).

It sounds like the behavior described in the winNT.txt (I think).  
Try using a command prompt on the NT box (ie, Net View 
\\samba_box).  If that works, then try the following:

net use x: \\samba_box\some_share

(oops, you'll have to add the username switch to the above command, 
but I can't remember the syntax right now)

If the drive gets mapped correctly, you can then browse to other 
shares via windoze exploder (apparently, browsing from NT4SP3 to 
samba only works if you already have at least one open connection).

The above works for me, but I have the same user name on both the 
NT and linux/samba machines, and I have the smb username map set to 
map my real username to the NT machine name.  YMMV

Hope this helps, Steve Arnold

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