Q: problem with samba on AIX / RS6000 (Unix)

Daniel Leroux Daniel_Leroux at lahey.org
Thu Jan 21 21:00:47 GMT 1999


I'm trying to configure samba on AIX / RS6000. I have the smbd part of
it running well .
The nmbd part is giving us problems. Nmbd daemon dies as soon as started
When I issue a  'ps -ef  '  to see the processes, smbd runs but nmbd

When using 'smbclient -L JAWS '  to debug the problem, 
I have the following output :

Unknown parameter encountered : "local master"
Ignoring unknown parameter "local master"
Unknown parameter encountered : "dns proxy"
Ignoring unknown parameter "dns proxy"
Added interface ip=<IP_OF_MY MACHIME>  bcast=<CORRECT BROADCAST HERE>
Server time ifs Thu Jan 21  15:52:52   1999
Timezone is UTC-5.0

(and it works great when I type in the passwd)


		34 1D 4B A3 E5 E5 5E DD  F2 1E 3D 75 8C 4E BE BC
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