SAMBA digest 1949

George Ciszeski GCiszeski at
Thu Jan 21 19:37:32 GMT 1999

 I'm new to SAMBA but have been monitoring the digest for a few months now.
I briefly install vers. 1.9.17 about a year ago to see what it offered. I
was impressed but
it did not offer a mount from my pc (NT4.0) to my Sun (Solaris2.6). smbmount
is what I
needed but was only available for LINUX. I've installed vers. 2.0 with the
understanding that
smbmount was replaced by smbsh  and would be available for more UNIX
I scoured the ftp and web sites and found no reference to smbsh. Have I
misunderstood the
release information? Any info would be appreciated.


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