Samba and Winfax

Rick RICK_ at
Thu Jan 21 05:36:13 GMT 1999

Patrick J.M. Keane wrote:
> I am interested in talking with anyone who has successfully used Samba
> to print from a Unix machine to Winfax.  Like most Windows Fax
> programs, Winfax uses a fake printer to send the data to Winfax.
> However, although Winfax pops up when I use Samba to print to it, the
> actual data does not appear.  Please contact me if you have any hints
> on this --
> Since I am not a subscriber of this list, please email me directly.
> Thanks
> Patrick

I´ve considered the idea of using WINFAX, but I use HylaFAX instead! 

HylaFAX is a written by Sam_Leffler at SGI and friends. It is free 
OpenSource Software (like SAMBA), running on almost all Unixes, very 
stable and reliable, and the are some fine (free) M$-Win96/98/NT clients 
like WHFC.

In our office, the Unix-box is the only machine running 24 hours a day. 
All clients (WIN9x,NT) and our Unix-application 
(self-coded/Informix-based) put some faxjobs to the Unixbox and HylaFAX 
sends the faxes immediately or scheduled over night. 

If you´ve managed to configure SAMBA, you will sure succeed in running 
HylaFAX too. If you´ve got trouble, there exist also a list with a lot 
of HylaFAX-gurus to subscribe to.

Have a look at (I don´t remember the URL exactly, but if you 
´re interested - I can find it out for you.

best regards

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