configure command for SAMBA 2.0.0 fails under HP-UX 10.20

Alan GUILLEVIC info1.dmvf at
Thu Jan 21 12:36:38 GMT 1999

Good afternoon,

I've downloaded the newly released Samba package 2.0.0, and when
trying to run "compile" (located in directory source of the package),
after a moment, script fail with the following errors:

>ERROR: No locking available. Running Samba would be unsafe
>configure: error: summary failure. Aborting config.

The following lines are extracted from last lines of config.log.

>configure: failed program was:
>#line 9472 "configure"
>#include "confdefs.h"
>#include "./tests/summarry.c"

And the line 9472 (and around) in the file "configure":

>#line 9472 "configure"
>#include "confdefs.h"
>#include "${srcdir-.}/tests/summary.c"
>if { (eval echo configure:9476: \"$ac_link\") 1>&5; (eval $ac_link)
2>&5; } && test -s conftest && (./conftest; exit) 2>/dev/null
>  echo "configure OK";
>  echo "configure: failed program was:" >&5
>  cat conftest.$ac_ext >&5
>  rm -fr conftest*
>  { echo "configure: error: summary failure. Aborting config" 1>&2;
exit 1; }
>rm -fr conftest*
>trap '' 1 2 15
>cat > confcache <<\EOF

The machine is a good old H50, running HP-UX 10.20,
with patch bundle of October 98 and latest Y2K package.
I'm still looking for the problem, but any helping hands
would truely appreciated :) Please, could you also send
answer to the indicated email.

                    Thank you, best regards.

                    Alan GUILLEVIC
                    info1.dmvf at

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