Samba v's Paradox

Paul Cochrane paulc at
Wed Jan 20 16:33:22 GMT 1999

> i have problems using paradox tables (Paradox Level 5) via BDE 
> (4.01 and 3.02) on my linux server, but their performance is very 
> slow. At current, i'm using Samba 1.9.17p2 (and yes, i know this is 
> not the current version, upgrad is planned). The configuration is 
> very passive (locking for multiuser access to tables, direct write to 
> disk). Does anybody have a suggestion on how to speed things up?
I've had paradox working through samba and after a lot of tweaking, 
the speed was reasonable. You should always use the lastest 
samba however as the old versions do not have all the speed 
additions/fixes which help performance. As far as I remember 
1.9.17 had hassle with oplocks which slowed things down a lot. 
You should at least use 1.9.18 if you do not want to switch to 2.0 
yet (which I cannot comment on as I havn't tried it yet).

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