Failure after upgrade

jpff at jpff at
Wed Jan 20 15:40:12 GMT 1999

I "upgraded" to samba-20.0.0 and ever since then I have a collection
of machines rather than a network.  The PCs cannot log onto the
domain which was were I started to notice the problems.  In fact teh
PC I tried (Windows95 A release) could ping teh Linux machien but not
teh SGI -- and it was happily mounting the SGI disk before.  I have
not changed any setup on the PC and initially no change on either of
the Unix machines.  What changes are they which could explain this
discontinuity?  I was running samba-1.9.18p7 with only minor
problems.  I do not have the conf file as I am not on the network in
question.  I did look at teh documentation but nothing seemed to
address such a catatropic failure.

I did look at teh logs and I was getting access denied messages from a
machien whose name was in the hosts allow list (on the SGI)

Any help or suggestions welcome.  I am rather lost without a network

==John ff

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