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Wed Jan 20 12:03:15 GMT 1999

On 20 Jan 99 at 13:18, concerning Re: SAMBA digest 1946, Stephen 
Langasek wrote:

> On Mon, 18 Jan 1999 <Stephan.Hendl at> wrote:
> >hi anybody,
> >I just upgraded to the final release 2.0.0 and got some problems.
> >I the [homes]-section I have to set "writable = Yes" in order to get
> >write access to my home-directory. Unfortunately this allows me to
> >delete a file that was created originally by root. But this is not
> >actually what I want. In 1.9.18p10 the unix file permissions were at the
> >top level and I couldn't do such things.
> If you own a directory, unix allows you to delete any of the files found
> within that directory (at least all the versions of unix I've worked
> with).  If I understand correctly, this is the problem you're faced with
> here.  I recommend that you should not expect samba to prevent you from
> doing things that you would be able to do if you had an interactive login
> to the machine.
> -Steve Langasek

NT 3.51 & 4 (Haven't tested with 5) also allow a user to delete files 
they have no permissions for provided they have "Full control" access 
for the containing directory. If that's of any relevance here.
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