Failure to build 20.0.0 on Irix4

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Tue Jan 19 12:54:46 GMT 1999

Message written at 18 Jan 1999 22:44:12 +0000

As in previous versions of Samba, 2.0.0 fails to build on Irix4.0.5F,
as previously reported.

1) In include/smb.h the declaration of forall in the share_ops struct
   is not acceptable for the compile  (OK I think it should but...).
   I patched it to read
	int (*forall)(); 
/*  	int (*forall)(void (*)(share_mode_entry *, char *)); */

2) In client/client.c the function getpass is not declared and so the
   string answer is a confusion.  I added a prototype
	if (!got_pass) {
	        char *getpass(char*);
		char *pass = getpass("Password: ");
		if (pass) {
			pstrcpy(password, pass);

3) Ditto in rpcclient/cmd_netlogon.c and utils/smbpasswd.c

==John ffitch

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