Does Samba need to see the world?

Juan Carlos Castro y Castro jcastro at
Tue Jan 19 12:27:20 GMT 1999

Our ISP experienced backbone problems yesterday. Our backbone provider's
backbone provider (EMBRATEL, the newly-privatized telecom company of
Brazil) went down for a few hours. That was a big problem itself, but
what I'll tell you is a weird side effect:

Samba stopped working on our local network!!!

I checked DNS, resolv.conf, /etc/hosts, smb.conf, everything! While our
Internet connection was down, no workstations here could find any Samba
server on our local network. Win9x machines would say, "The network is
busy". smbclients on Unix said something like "Unspecified error 0x0".
Win9x clients read one another's disk without a problem.

Samba servers did appear in Network Neighborhood, so I assume there's no
problem with nmbd.

Now the outside connection is up and Samba came back to life as if
nothing had happened. Go figure.

What should I do in such a situation? Remove the preloaded cache for the
worldwide root servers in BIND? I feel like the surviving victim at the
end of a Freddy Krueger/Jason movie -- you're alive, but you know
there'll be that last scene where the monster hints at its reappearance
in the sequel.

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