Samba 2

Matthew Kirkwood weejock at
Mon Jan 18 12:31:57 GMT 1999

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Anthony Farrow wrote:

> Samba 2 is here! Much rejoicing! However, after feverishly 
> downloading the source files I have came to make the 
> binaries but the install program appears to be different 
> from the old 1.9 version. Makefile seems to be, 
> and worse I don't recognise any of it!

samba is now configured with GNU autoconf, so you should no
longer need to edit makefiles.

Just run ./configure and thigns should be fine.  If you want
to install samba in a non-default place of with non-default
options, then run 
./configure --help
for more information.


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