PAM problem: "no modules loaded for 'samba' service"

Graham Menhennitt gfm at
Sun Jan 17 22:38:27 GMT 1999

I'm running FreeBSD 3.0-current and have just upgraded samba to 2.0.0.
Previously, I used unencrypted passwords. After upgrading, they didn't work
so I changed to use encrypted ones. I can now map my drives from the PC.
However, I still have a number of problems that I think are all related.

- I can't use swat. The authentication always fails. I get a message on the
console "swat: no modules loaded for 'samba' service". This comes from PAM.
I've never used PAM before so I don't know whether this is a PAM or a Samba
configuration problem.

- Whenever I map a drive from the PC, I get a similar message to the above
(except with 'swat' replaced by 'smbd'). The mapping works correctly

- I went throught the tests in DIAGNOSIS.txt. In test 3, I type "smbclient
-L server" and it asks for my password. I type the correct password for
root (which is who I'm logged in as) and get the message "bad
username/password pair". If I say "smbclient -L server -U root" and type
the root password, it works.

Thanks for any help,

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