Samba - Mounting Shares from Win95 clients

elik elik at
Sun Jan 17 20:11:12 GMT 1999

        Here is other question which I have hard time trying to set up which I
am not very successful with dispite reading the documentations and trying to
configure it.

        Here is the setup which we have for our network.  We have 3 Win95 Boxes
which one has 2 printers attached to it which is basically the printer server. 
I would like to use that printer services from Linux.

        Two of the Win95 Boxes' drives are shareable by password which I like
to have access to and mount it under Linux so I can do the work without walking
over to other computer and using it.  Lastly... I like to make my drive under
Linux under / accessable by password to Cyrixm2 so they can mount it so they
can do the programming and moving the files under there. 

        The Win95 setup do not use the Win Domain Name system, but we can find
each other by IP addresses which is to  The Winboxes
names are as follows: - God_server - HP 5L & HP II - Shared Drive - Password Protected - Unused - Zeus - Linux Box - Want to Mount Cyrixm2 and God_server's shares - LS_Systems - Cyrixm2 - Shared Drive - Password Protected

Note that Printers are not password protected so they are accessable.

        So... if anyone can give me some ideas or how to set it up with details
I listed above, I would very much appreciate all the help for this.  Thanks and
looking forward to solving this little nightmare.

Date: 17-Jan-99          Time:15:11:12
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