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> Subject: request_oplock_break - a clue - what does it mean ?
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> Hi all,
> I increased the log level, and found something very interesting out.
> I know now what causes a sbmd to go into infinite hibernation on
> Solaris. I do not know why, it is probably something Solaris specific,
> I thought that a "dont descend" would have resolved my problem, but
> it has not. details at the end.
> Scenerio:
>   solaris 2.5.1 running samba 2.0.0 (happens w/ several if not all
>                 if the 1.19 releases as well, it is not samba specific).
>   NT 4 sp 3
> On samba, create a [root] entry that looks like:
> [root]
>    comment = Root Dir
>    path = /
>    dont descend = /dev
> On NT, map the root directory to a network drive. open up [my computer]
> and click on the network drive. In the process of displaying the icons
> for the directory (/), NT will look for "desktop.ini" in each directory.
> When it gets to /net, the particular smbs that is stat'ing /net/desktop.ini
> will hang. (this is easily reproduceable in an xterm, just "ls /net/foo"
> and your ls will hang. I have no idea what /net is. it _looks_ like a
> regular directory, there is nothing in fstab to indicate that it is a mount
> point. very peculiar.)

/net is an automounter directory that uses the special -hosts automount map.
read the man page for automount and see /etc/auto_master.  this automount
feature allows you to automatically access nfs exports from hostname as

i can't tell you why it's hanging when you look in /net but the quick fix,
if you're not using automount or the -hosts map, is to edit /etc/auto_master
or disable automount altogether.

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