Oplock question

Matt Chapman m.chapman at student.unsw.edu.au
Sun Jan 17 12:59:12 GMT 1999

> First, I have a question.  Is it the responsibility of Windows to flush
> the data and respond to the oplock_break request, or does Windows pass the
> request on to the program that's running and request that IT flush and/or
> close the file?

Windows should respond to the oplock break; the program has no say in it.

> >From the tcpdump, it looks like (if I'm reading the correct portion of the
> file) tenison is receiving the oplock_break (SMBlockX in tcpdump lingo???)
> and is ack-ing in response.  Then Gate (our server) resends the
> oplock_break.  WHY?   HELP!

The "ack" number is an IP layer thing, there seems to be no reply on the SMB
layer however - we should see an SMBlockingX (REPLY) decode in the tcpdump

> 14:10:49.488846 tenison.irstc.cc.al.us.1293 >
> gate.irstc.cc.al.us.netbios-ssn: . ack 3044 win 8721 (DF)

I should think this packet is simply "empty", but can you do tcpdump -x to get a
hex dump...


Matt Chapman
m.chapman at student.unsw.edu.au

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