Samba and logrotate from Redhat

Bruce Tenison btenison at
Fri Jan 15 22:59:26 GMT 1999

Thanks Peter!  This is the direction we finally took (we did use the
postrotate scripts to stop and restart the samba servers at midnight, but
recompiled with the --with-syslog option, configured the syslog.conf, and
the logs are working perfectly now!)  Now if we could just get the oplock
problem worked out... 


> > Has anyone had any success in getting Samba to correctly restart 
> > logging to the log files with the default logrotate setup (or even a 
> > modified one) from RedHat?  The default setup is to move the files to 
> > another location, create a new file for Samba to fill, then send the 
> > daemons a HUP signal. 
> The Samba log files (in 1.9.18p10 at least), are really just swapped round by 
> size - so logrotate is not really appropriate.  The solution I use is just to 
> rely on the syslogs (which you can get Samba to log to) and use that for 
> weekly and long term records.
> As others have mentioned, the only way to get Samba to open the log files 
> again is to kill all the samba daemons off and move the logs file and the 
> restart.
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