Problems joining NT Domain

Matt Turner matt at
Fri Jan 15 20:00:10 GMT 1999

I am trying to get my linux box running slackware with kernel 2.0.36 and
samba 2.0.0 (full version not BETA) to join our NT domain.  I first added
to computer to the domain.  Then I typed this (computer and domain names
altered for protection):

linux_computer:/usr/local/samba/bin# smbpasswd -j MY_DOMAIN -r MY_PDC

Where linux_computer is the linux computer (like you needed that)
MY_DOMAIN is the NT domain I want to join
MY_PDC is the Primary Domain Controller for MY_DOMAIN

I got back the following errors:

modify_trust_password: machine MY_PDC rejected the session setup. Error
was : code 131.
1999/01/15 13:50:39 : change_trust_account_password: Failed to change
password for domain MY_DOMAIN.
Unable to join domain MY_DOMAIN.

Can anyone help my with this problem?


Matt Turner
matt at
DRL Webmaster
Texas A&M University

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