NIS Password support

Christian Barth barth at
Fri Jan 15 12:37:29 GMT 1999

> I am using samba ver 1.9.18p10 in a NIS on Solaris 2.6 environment
> with NT 4.0 clients and am experiencing password authentication
> problems.  Could someone let me know whether NIS support is built
> into samba, or is there only support for NIS plus.  In smb.conf, if
> I set password server = <my unix nis server>, and security = server,
> I get an incorrect password error message and a prompt for the
> correct password on the NT client when I try to browse the shared
> resources.  However, everything works if I use an NT server to do
> the authentication, i.e password server = <an NT authentication
> machine>.   
See "man smb.conf" password server has to point to an NT or SAMBA
server that can deal with the NT-style encrypted passwords and the
related stuff. This is NT-autentitation and has nothing to do with NIS
or NIS+


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