[Solution] Re: Samba servers disappeared?!

Paul L. Lussier plussier at nortelnetworks.com
Thu Jan 14 18:44:17 GMT 1999

In a message dated: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 01:41:05 +1100
"Paul L. Lussier" said:

>This past weekend I moved the Samba server to a new subnet, and now I can't
>see any of the various aliases from Samba server.
>I was previously able to see the aliases in NN across my 2 different subnets
>by using the 'wins server = ' parameter.  The wins server I was registering
>with is on yet another network (not even located in this building) and hasn't

Well, I received no suggestions on this, but ended up figuring it out thanks
to Tom Schutter <tom at platte.com>, who posted the URL for
"Browsing and Windows 95 Networking".  In there I discovered that my problem
was that there wasn't a Master Browser on the subnet I moved my Samba system
to.  All I needed to do was add:

	local master = yes
        preferred master = yes
        os level = 33

to my smb.conf file and restart Samba.  Then a refresh in my NN window, and
everything showed up.

Thanks Tom, for that reference.

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