Timezone problem with Linux/NT

John H Terpstra jht at aquasoft.com.au
Thu Jan 7 11:36:29 GMT 1999

In response to Michale Hieb:


I regret that I failed to fully respond to you on the samba bug-tracking
system. Your problem is NOT with Samba.

You are using _smbmount_ to mount NT shares on your Linux system. Smbmount
is part of the SMBfs package and has nothing to do with Samba. We do
include part of the SMBfs package in that we include smbmount and
smbumount but these are contributed sources that the Samba-Team do not
maintain. I should have pointed this out in reply to your samba_bugs

Your real problem is with timezone resolution within the Linux kernel.
Smbclient (in samba) uses user space timezone handling to resolve time and
date stamps to GMT. Smbmount has no such luxury - it mounts all SMB shares
in kernel space.  Since Windows apparently stores files in local time and
date format it would be necessary for correct time resolution that the
kernel environment can be informed of what timezone adjustment it needs to
make to files mounted off an SMB resource. If you wish to pursue an
smbmount fix you could contact the SMBfs package maintainers and try to
work with them for a solution. Your suggested solution seems appropriate.

The Samba-Team looked at this and decided that the problem is too
difficult. Smbsh (as incldued in samba-2.0.0) uses the user environment to
resolve time and date stamps. Use of smbsh may well be your best option.

Again, apologies for not being more comprehensive in my ealier reply.

John Terpstra - Samba-Team

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