Long share name

Iiro Rinta-Jouppi iiro at netcontrol.fi
Thu Jan 7 09:10:51 GMT 1999

I have a problem with long user names.
I was thinking if I could use Firstname.Lastname notation also in user
names to be used in [Homes]. We are using Alpha Linux as one of our
I tried it, but if the username is over 12 characters long, NT 4.0
client (at least) does not co-operate with [Homes]-share.
It gives you an error: "Network name can not be found"

I tried it also with a separate share but it works similarly. So, it is
not a problem of Homes-special features.

Currently I have a os level = 10, so it should be more than win95, but
still under our domain controller which validates the passwords for 

So, I would ask if it is over all a bad idea to use log usernames? It sure
would be handy, since we have 3 Anders, 3 Jaris etc. I would not like to
use some cryptic asld32nr as user names. With long usernames all the
mail-aliases would become obsolete. Is it anyhow possible to make Samba
as a server or NT and 95 clients to use long share names? Which one is the
limiting one in this case?

/Iiro Rinta-Jouppi

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