Printing to PC's with no form feed

Malcolm Burtt malcolm at
Tue Jan 5 15:55:55 GMT 1999

I downloaded the code to smbclient (client.c) and I can see the code
that adds the formfeed. Its enclosed within the precompiler


I'm guessing that the FORMFEED declaration is somewhere in one of my
system include files because I can't see it in the samba source
anywhere. This could account for your Linux implementation not
exhibiting my problem. In any case I get the formfeed even if I run
smbclient directly from the command prompt (i.e. bypassing lpd).

Thanks for your input anyway.

Malcolm Burtt
Senior Analyst
EuroGen Systems Limited.

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  Just an idea: Are you really sure that the FormFeed adds the smbclient
itself? Isn't lpd" adding it there? This is a common problem. And here
under Linux
smbclient really doesn't append such mess to it and it would be weird
that it would have this kind different behaviour depending on the OS.

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