How to hook WIN-NT client and WIN-95 client to Samba on Solaris2.5.1 ?

Anand Natarajasundaram annatara at
Mon Jan 4 20:25:33 GMT 1999


    Sorry for the newbie question..
I am new to Windows environment. I have setup  a Samba -Version 
1.9.18p10 on a Solaris 2.5.1 m/c.
I want to hook WIN _NT and 95 /98 clients to it.  

The Win clients are on the same network and are also hooked to other 
Netware servers.  I am not sure how this is
done.   I have set up entries  for the Samba server in the 'lmhosts' 

The clients do'nt recognize the Samba server. In NT client's I see the 
Client Service for Netware does'nt
show up the  Samba server.  It shows the various other Netware severs.  
Is there any system file thr' which clients know about the  servers OR 
is there any broadcast mech.  by which it knows the list of Netware 

Any docs. in these aspects will be really helpful.

Thanks  for  help

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