Problems connecting over Win98 PPP DUN

Matthew Bunce matthew.bunce at
Sat Jan 2 14:40:35 GMT 1999

We have a dial-up PPP link running on our servers so we can connect to it
from remote sites. We can connect to news/mail/web/telnet etc and we can
also view the Network Neighbourhood over the link but as soon as I click on
a machine to access it like I would from the internal network it asks me of
a password for service IPC. It then won't accept the correct password. This
reminded me of the problems we had when we upgraded form 95 to 98 to I
installed the Win98 plain text password fix and rebooted and re-connected.
Still no luck. I have done it before on another win98 machine but I cannot
think what is different to my current setup other that this is a desktop and
my other machine was a laptop.

Can any think of what is causing this?


Matthew Bunce

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